The choice of your swimming school should be based on many factors, but most importantly, the quality of teaching. If you can, find out about the background of the swimming teacher; whether they have the right qualifications?

Do they have experience teaching your age group? Ideally, they should aim to be completely transparent about the identity of their teachers and to encourage parents to learn more about the experience of their teachers before they book you into a lesson. You can teach swimming lessons for kids via

When arranging lessons it is also worth checking out the size of the class. Remember, if there are six children in the classroom for half an hour, you cannot expect to have more than 5 minutes to teach one-on-one.

If you feel your child would benefit from more expensive private care to find out personal or small group lessons. Our experience has shown that investments in smaller group lessons have a significant impact on the speed of children's learning.

If you have a pool or a friend or relative with a pool, consider learning to swim in there with a private swimming teacher. It's convenient, and children often respond much better to teachers when they feel confident in their home environment. An additional benefit is that teachers can enforce your "Rules of the Pool 'and include a focus on safety.

Parents often find it difficult to adjust swim lessons into an already busy schedule for children. school swimming in public pools has a tight schedule but do not be tempted to put your child to a level that one if it's the only time you can get to the pool. The level is too low and boredom soon sets in, and the level is too high will be frustrated.

The advantage of learning to swim at home is that swimming lessons could fit around your schedule and adapt to the appropriate level of your child and progress at a pace that is right for them.

Finding the right teacher for swimming pool lessons is important for the ongoing enjoyment of your child from the water. It is necessary to do your homework and consider the options before diving in.