This is a common scenario if one or two bats somehow got into the house. Although not a direct threat, it is important to remove the bats that are trapped in your house as soon as possible.

It is advisable to contact an emergency animal trapping company that provides safe and humane bat removal services, such as

The professionals of these companies have proper permits, licenses, training, and resources to carry out the extraction of the bat and relocation services non-lethal.

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Tips To Get Rid of Bat in the House:

Once you realize there are bats loose in your house, collect all pets (even locked up) and children, and then put them in a closed-off room with a door. This will reduce interference, noise, obstacles, and activity, but also keep them protected.

Next, go through the house and close all doors and other windows. Block all other entry and exit that bats can access.

Turn off all the TV, stereo, fans, furnaces and air conditioners to get as much silence as possible. Remember, bats use echolocation to navigate.

Then, pointing to the living room or nearby in the house that has a large open window or door where you can "shake off" a bat out.

Go to the room where the bat is located. Turn off all lights but leave one light dimmed by the exit or entrance.

Use a soft-top mop or duster-length extension bat gently swaying to a new location, little by little, until you approach your designated space.