There are most likely reams of paper stuffed with this particular subject. Most of us know and agree that a kind of lubrication is necessary within an internal combustion engine and we predict it engine oil.

We've selected a specific brand of engine oil and viscosity for a particular reason, or a specific manufacturer, and viscosity was recommended to us to be used in our automobile. You can check this link to buy the best motor oil.


In addition, we understand and agree that engine oil will decrease friction at an internal combustion motor.

Without engine oil, our motor won't last long. Motor oil reduces puffiness and assists in the cooling of the motor. This contains the air-cooled engines too.

As the oil is circulated throughout the engine it passes through areas where it is cooled. As long as we can cool the oil, in some manner, and reduce friction between metal surfaces we should expect our engine to run fine.

High oil temperatures are one of the problems that any internal combustion engine faces. In short trips to the market, the engine obtains normal operating temperature. What happens when we shut the engine down.

We are not worried about friction because nothing is moving, but what about the oil temperature? It continues to rise with the heat of the engine.

The heat begins to break down the oil and oxidation begins, as well as sludge deposits began to form inside the engine. One solution to the sludge problem is a high detergent motor oil.