There are many factors that help determine our waist size. For some of us, the size 2 jeans and bikinis day out the door when we have kids. For others, we have struggled all our lives to cut our waist.

The time, age, and environmental factors can rob us of a figure that is more comfortable for us and leaves us with a very stubborn waistline that doesn't seem to be tightened no matter what we do. To know more about Abdominoplasty or abdominal surgery go to Montreux Swiss Clinic.

Some of us choose to improve the situation with what we consider to be a quick tummy tuck. Belly-wrapping is actually a medical procedure, and while many people are quite happy with the results, patients who understand the mechanics and expectations after the procedure tend to be fair much better afterward.

Recovery time for cosmetic surgery varies with each procedure. Obviously a tummy tuck will initially be more restrictive than a nose job, although most people can return to work in about two to three weeks. People with jobs that are more physically demanding may require an extra week or two at home.

A tummy tuck is a medical procedure that requires careful movement in recovery and sufficient understanding of the restrictions imposed for recovery before undergoing this particular cosmetic procedure.

Stomach firming is a cosmetic procedure that is based on tightening the muscles of the abdomen surgically to streamline the waist. You basically "slip" undesired body layers underneath the way we fold clothes. Of course, this is a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea.