What should I understand before purchasing a photovoltaic system? The first step in the improvement of is energy-saving of house. This does not mean going back to the Stone Age, or become an environmental extremist, but simply taking small consistent steps to consume less.

Once you understand how much you spend on electricity with your device, you can understand how to save and what kind of system to buy.

What is the productivity of photovoltaic system for electricity production?

The Sun also can provide 100% of the electricity needed to power our homes. Unfortunately photovoltaic solar installations have a much lower yield of solar thermal systems, which are used to heat water, and therefore we have to cover a larger area of the roof.

How much savings each year?

Almost every one of us can decide how much to save electricity, simply by buying the plants more or less strong, according to the annual consumption of how many KWh we consume every year.

A house of 4 people with low light bulb is used, no air conditioning, heating and gas stoves, normal consumption is about 1500 kWh per year -2500.

While at home 4 people, where there are no conditions as above, the annual consumption of about 3,000-4,000 kWh.

Type of solar system does not require special care, hope you can clean a variety of photovoltaic panels every 2-3 years, although usually the same kept quite clean by rain and wind.