Promotional ink pens are one of the most common items selected by companies and organizations searching for a cost-effective method.

Everybody uses pens, at the workplace, at home, so the product is used universally. Promotinal ink pens are also small which makes them a good choice for direct mail or event advertising. Pens are a popular promotional item, and there are thousands to choose from. You can find an affordable pen in Us via the web.


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Ballpoints and Rollerballs

The most common types of the promotional pen are ballpoint and rollerball. Ballpoint pens use oil-based ink and require more pressure when you write. So they are ideal for use with carbon copies.

Gel pens, which are becoming more common, are halfway between the two. They use a water-based ink that is more thick, like an oil-based ink. And a ball mechanism that has similarities to both ballpoint and rollerball pens.

While ballpoint pens are more durable. Many people prefer the feel of writing with a rollerball or gel pen. Since your message gets seen when the pen is used, it's important to pick a pen your recipients will enjoy using.

Click, Twist, and Stick

There are three common pen designs. Stick pens are the most common, and these are the ones that are a barrel and a cap. Click pens have a clicking mechanism that exposes or retracts the point. And twist pens use a twist mechanism to do that.