Buying new double glazing is a great way to improve the look of both the interior and exterior of your home. UPVC double glazing windows in Sydney, doors, and even conservatories are low maintenance, high-quality products, and good-rated energy efficient double glazing can be used to reduce energy bills and your impact on the environment.

What’s more, the extensive range of designs and styles is such that you can create a completely bespoke design for any and every room of your home.

Casement Windows – A casement window has two sections, and usually includes a hinged top section that can be opened for ventilation. A casement window allows a very good amount of natural light into a property and can be used on buildings of any style and age.

Tilt And Turn Windows – Turn the handle of a tilt and turn window to the first setting and it opens slightly from the top to allow ventilation. Turn it fully to the second setting and the window can be opened to any degree from the side allowing for full ventilation or for the easy cleaning of the outside of the window.

Sliding Sash Windows – A sliding sash window is most commonly seen on older, period properties but can be introduced to contemporary buildings to create a unique design too. A uPVC double glazed sliding sash window includes a number of unique features including child safety lock and extra secure locks.

Glazing Style

The standard double glazing window has a clear, plain glazing style. This allows natural light in and enables those inside the property an unimpeded view out. However, in the bathroom, kitchen, or other room where privacy is important you can include patterned or privacy glass. You can even add a decorative glazing design to one or more windows to give you an even more unique finish.