When paintball first started, the games were elimination oriented – the last man standing won the game. The great thing about paintball is you can play it just about anywhere there's an empty field or lot, preferably with objects you can hide behind for cover. 

As time went on and paintball became more popular, the game became yet even more organized so it could be played in organized tournaments. Bunkers were doing team building outing at Paintball USA and added to enclosed fields with time limits, scores and referees, resembling very much what we know today as 'Speedball'. 

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The game really took shape however when the first electronic paintball markers were introduced by Angel and Smart Parts in the late 90's. Paintball equipment has evolved and changed over the years, becoming more advanced with the addition of new, improved technology. 

As the popularity of the sport has grown, so has the market for paintball gear! Players have branched out from the rules and structure of traditional speedball and developed a new style of play called 'woodsball'. 

While speedball is played on a closed course with bunkers placed on the field for cover, woodsball is a game played in natural settings, like an empty field, rocky terrain or like the name implies, the woods! Traditional bunkers are not needed in woodsball as players find cover behind trees, rocks, logs, or whatever else they can find in their environment.