Most people tend to think about a garage conversion as changing a garage into a wide space but how to add a room above the garage? Read on and find out what is involved. Get more information about ADU & garage conversions with the help of some professional constructor.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Need some planning permission before garage  converting and  it will require the approval of the Building Regulations.To get the best out of your garage conversion, you should make a garage conversion plan.

Adding an extra Floor

The conversion type is also increasingly popular with more and more homeowners build their garage to create another room. This is called the conversion but in reality it is an extension.

The shape of the conversion will require full planning permission in almost all cases and will definitely need to build regulatory approval.Depending on the quality of the garage there are few or almost all of it may have to be lowered.

Garage Conversion Design Guide

One of the worst things that have been discovered regarding the garage conversion is when the front of the garage has been redone in a way that does not correspond to the main house.

Conversion increasing in popularity, affordable and add great value to your home.