Starting a training program to lose weight and stay fit can be a frightening task for many people. In today's society, there is a never-ending stream of weight loss "quick fixes," such as fad diets, cleansing systems, fat burners, the "new all-in-one fitness equipment that transforms your body in 5 minutes guaranteed," supplements, oils, creams, potions, etc. In essence, there is no "fast repair." The right nutrition and consistent exercise are tested and proven answers.

Why bootcamp training?

Consistent exercises are difficult for many people to achieve. For some, the idea of going to the gym day after day to do boring exercises is not an appealing way to spend one's time. To maintain consistency, one needs to be engaged in an exercise routine that is appealing and fun enough to do on a regular basis. Many people are open to alternative workout programs as exemplified by the growing popularity of home workout videos.


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When Boot Camp training hits the scene, there is a lot of excitement and decent hype. It provides other choices to those who find working out in a gym boring, uninspired, and non-productive. Training outdoors with a small group of people, led by a personal trainer, became a very appealing option to more traditional fitness training.

If your image of a fitness boot camp is for those who want to go through the rigors of a military-oriented workout or for just the fitness buffs, you may not be paying attention to one of the hottest and growing trends. Today there is an increasing variety that encompasses different themes, styles, exercise routines, and training forms resulting in increased popularity throughout the globe.

Boot camp is now interesting for all types of people. Some camps are only for women; Others include temporary martial arts training that focuses on strength and conditioning. Whatever the physical condition you have today, there is a good chance that a local camp will suit your needs.