This greenish stone that looks luxurious and cheerful has captivated the human eye for centuries. Emerald has the usual drawbacks. It is rare to find emeralds that are completely translucent to transparent, shiny, and youthful. 

What has been found so far is one of the finest examples of natural greenery, captured in sparkling rocks. Moreover, they were valued as extremely valuable items to their owners in their treasures. However, this small stone is only called natural and genuine as it upgrade your jewelry box.

Inclusion – There is a close relationship between the rarity of a stone and its clarity. When a gemstone grows due to the conditions in which it was formed, the chances of a real gemstone are much lower. When such distant opportunities occur, the fewer inclusions there are, the less often. Inclusion depends on various other factors such as:

Size: Larger inclusions have a bigger impact than smaller inclusions.

Quantity: The more inclusions cause a decrease in the clarity of the value of the young emerald.

Position: Inclusions are more visible when in the center of the gemstone.

Color: If the inclusions are the same green color as emerald, the treatment was successful. However, if the inclusions are different in color from the shadow of the gemstone, the effect will be more noticeable.