When it comes to short-distance congestion, say 20 miles or less, an electric bike is a fun, economical, and environment-friendly choice. For only a buck, powered electric bikes can get you from place to place without the hassles of going through traffic jams.

Electric Bicycles - Perfect Transportation for a Better Lifestyle

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An electric bicycle has pedals like that of a regular bike, and you can use the pedal to move off under its own power. But it also has an electric motor, which you can use to improve your pedaling. Additional strength is useful when starting from a standstill or when riding against the wind.

Or, you can let the electric motor deliver all the power while you sit back and enjoy the ride. This makes the motor-powered bicycle one of the most versatile vehicles around.

There are even models that fold for easy storage or travel, as well as the version on your back, which will bring cycling to a new level of relaxation.

Battery-powered bikes can be purchased as an item off-the-shelf, or you can purchase a conversion kit to convert almost any bike for electric bikes.

Important factors to consider when choosing an electric bike are battery life, speed, and endurance. Electric bikes today take the advantage of recent advances in battery technology.