Mushrooms are included in the fungus group. They are fleshy plants that grow from rotting material. They need the nutrients they get from damage because they don't have chlorophyll. This means that they cannot produce their own food.

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They usually grow in temperate regions of the world and during seasons when the weather is warm and humid. The fungus is most likely found in pastures, meadows and forests. There are various kinds of mushrooms and they have many different colors.

Some mushrooms are brown or white, while others are red, orange, or shiny pastel. They also differ in shape and size. The most common mushrooms are short with thick stems and hats that look like umbrellas.

This umbrella-like hat contains thin flesh leaves, known as gills. Gills grow between the lid and stem. These gills accommodate small spores that grow in the course of the fungus. Finally, these spores are blown off and settle on the ground. Over time, these spores grow into new groups of fungi like other plant seeds.

Some types of mushrooms are good to eat. However, there are other types of mushrooms, such as those commonly called "cucumbers," which are poisonous when consumed. The others may not be poisonous, but are still not suitable for use because they are too difficult to chew or taste unpleasant to be served.

Edible mushrooms can be prepared with other ingredients or eaten alone. They are often combined with meat, combined with other vegetables or processed into soups or sauces. Mushrooms are easy to prepare because they don't have to be peeled and the stem and lid can be used.