Of assessing real estate for creating maps for defense organizations, aerial mapping survey has a variety of uses and applications. In the past, meeting the required aerial mapping is often necessary to find a company that specializes in single need of it. But today, thanks to the advent of laser survey, many companies offering aerial mapping services offer a variety of aerial survey, especially when laser scanning is a core practice.

Aerial mapping services industry commonly serve are: construction, conservation of nature and history, the real estate industry, and the military. In case you want to insure your high-valued LiDAR and sensor equipment then check www.lidarinsurance.com/

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Below, we examine the technologies offered by top aerial mapping company.

Important Mapping Survey of Service

1. LIDAR Technology

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology measures the characteristics of the scattered light to determine a variety of topographical features. More specifically, LIDAR usually consists of using a time-of-flight scanner, which uses a laser rangefinder to measure the roundtrip of a laser of a scanner for scanning a subject far and back.

2. High Accuracy Digital terrain Modeling

Also known as digital elevation model (DEM), digital terrain modeling of high accuracy can be achieved using a variety of technologies, not all of which are usually offered by a single company survey: a survey of inertia, Real Time GPS, stereo photogrammetry, Doppler radar, and lidar.

3. LAMP Digital Photography

LAMP (Low Altitude Mapping Photography) do not subsist on laser technology. Using a digital camera to capture images of structures and terrain from low altitude, usually about 300 feet above ground level.