Cake is one of the best-selling items of a bakery. Along with that, there is a long list of other bakery products which you can see at But here we are going to discuss different chocolates used for cake decoration.

Nowadays there are so many different types of chocolate on the market, that we are literally 'spoiled for choice'.

With so much publicity on what we should and should not eat, many people are now eating plain chocolate. Not only plain chocolate has less sugar than other types but also contains a high proportion of cocoa solids.

It is formed of pure chocolate and cocoa butter – a hard, white fat. The percentage of cocoa solids always listed on chocolate wrappers. Some percentage as high as 75% or even higher, suggesting this chocolate is very smooth and high quality.

Brown the most popular of all is milk chocolate. Most kids love it. Sweeter than plain chocolate has added sugar, full cream milk, and vanilla added to it.

Then there was the white chocolate, which contains only cocoa butter, milk, sugar and vanilla. Because milk added, the two types of chocolate, and milk chocolate, melting needs carefully over a gentle heat. If not, they will thicken, and although edible, it will not re-melting.

Chocolate drops (or seeds, as they are sometimes called) are easy to melt. They can be used as decoration on cakes or as an ingredient in chocolate brownie cake popular.