Hiring the best DJ is a very difficult task. There are a couple of hundred pounds of the price difference on most disc jockeys that are available to you. Good experience and kit are two main reasons. Let's look at these individually:


An experienced DJ will be in demand, knew exactly what he was doing, would know the heat hits in every single genre and will hit your dance floor with ease. A rookie would cut his teeth still, may have a thin selection of CD or MP3, and still be able to gain experience and confidence required for great performances like your wedding. You can hire a wedding DJ’s through The Todd Everett Experience.

When you meet a seasoned DJ and a rookie at a wedding fayre, for example, they may be difficult to distinguish until you start talking to them so ask deep questions and listen carefully to the answer, because your emotions will guide you to one of the DJs at the top all the others.


When you check out the DJ at a wedding fayre, look at them critically kit or DJ rig. Even if you are not a professional, you will easily be able to identify the DJs that have invested in high-end equipment on those who have gone to the budget set-up.

If you have spent thousands of pounds on your wedding budget rig can take the shine off your evening, perhaps even look out of place. In general, a high-end DJ rig will be more reliable, will offer a visual display wow factor and will add something extra to your dinner party.