The most popular types of web hosting services:

1. Free Hosting – This service is intended for businesses or individuals who wish to have their own website hosting experience. The free hosting service is the least reliable as it can withstand slow speeds. Your website is closed more often.

2. Shared hosting – this is a cheaper solution where your website shares the same server as many other websites. There will also be software application sharing. Sometimes it can be slow. Even you can get cheap dedicated server hosting or cheap server for $39.

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Types of shared hosting:

• Shared Linux Hosting: Ideal for smaller websites and blogs. Including cPanel, PHP, Apache, and others.

• Windows Shared Hosting: Suitable for smaller websites, blogs, and more. This includes Plesk, ASP, IIS, and others.

3. Co-hosted hosting: With this type of hosting, you buy your own server, but it is hosted in a web hosting facility.

This type of hosting gives you complete freedom and control over your own server. You can install any script or application of your choice.

4. Dedicated hosting: This type of hosting service provides you with unlimited usage of a web server without any restrictions.

It takes advantage of total server resources as the entire server is reserved for your website. Your website will not crash for lack of approval. This is the perfect service for large ecommerce websites.

To protect your web investment, you need to be safe when using a web hosting service.