Guys need cool t-shirts. Get to the store or shop online and get yourself some really cool t-shirts. You do not really score points with women wearing the worn, faded old shirt beer that you win when you're in college. Everyone has their favorite t-shirts printed.

You know that is such a gentle, beautiful cool t-shirt that has been hanging around in your drawer for years. It is you to go to the T-Shirt. It was awesome t-shirts you the most. But it does not belong anywhere outside your home back.

So what makes a cool t-shirt? What made you stop and give a t-shirt to see both? It is probably a combination of things that make an awesome t-shirt. You can easily get the mad dog line t-shirts online.

Who has it and where they wear. For example, the funny t-shirt is not really appropriate for a first date or under a jacket at work.

In the realm of the t-shirt, sometimes less is more. There are very few people out there who can get away with wearing a typical Jersey Shore t-shirt. You know, tee graphic full of crosses, rolls, wings, words, rhinestones, studs, etc., etc.

People who have the courage to wear better in awesome shape, have nerves of steel, and the ability to pound everyone around. A better option for most people would be something a little more subtle. Maybe t shirt really soft, beautifully furnished with illustrations that are really cool. Some old illustrations really complicated and detailed and make a t-shirt is really cool.