Doing the internship program is an important way to get management consulting job. Some interns are offered full-time positions because they have proved that they are competent to perform the actual responsibility of the consultant. If you do not accept the offer, do not fret. The experience you have gained already can support you in your job search after graduation. Furthermore, the connections you make during your short stay could pave the way for external opportunities.

Extending professional circles can be made through joining the organization, participating in events and even active on LinkedIn and other social networking sites. If you are still a student, take any networking opportunities offered by your school. You can hire top management consulting firms via

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Network with key people in management consulting is another important part of preparation to break into this industry. This referral strategy appears to be effective for recruiters because of the trust. They prefer to bank on applicant’s competence as evidenced by someone they know from the beginning of the initial assessment.

Once you've submitted multiple applications work, start preparing for interviews scary case, the ultimate test of your ability to perform consulting work. Start by becoming familiar with different business cases and by mastering the consultation framework.

It can be confusing, especially if you are unsure of how to approach it. Also, prepare a written test management consultancy managing the company for applicants. You can visit their web site, please contact the human resources department or ask someone from the company what kind of tests you'll take.