With over 300 little islands, your time in Fiji is bound to be amazing. You can visit some of the best beaches, go on a hike while exploring something different, hit the waters with activities such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving etc. The options are endless. However, it is also to remember that you need to respect the rules while traveling to Fiji. If you don’t know the rules, then these are some of them you should never forget and follow.

  1. Do not Ignore your Host – Fijians love to invite tourists to their homes and village to witness a few ceremonies. It is your duty to always stay close to them during the entire event. You can speak to other locals. However, you should wander without your original host.
  2. Take a Sip of Kava – The national drink of Fiji Island is Kava where locals have it on a daily basis. However, this drink is also offered to tourists during the Yaqona ceremony. You may not like it however, it is best to take the first sip or else the locals will find it rude.
  3. The Town of Yours – While having a conversation with the locals, it is important to control the tone of your voice. Make sure that you are not loud while talking to them.
  4. Permission Needs to be Granted – Clicking a picture with the locals without their consent is considered rude. Make sure you ask them first and only click if they permit you.

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