There is a lot you can learn in an online yoga certification course. This online course has trained thousands of yoga teachers. They help turn students into great teachers. These subjects include: anatomy of the body in motion, appearance of body postures, breathing techniques, concepts and principles of yoga, and teaching.

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In essence, with an online certification course, you will learn how to teach yoga safely. Distance learning teaches you how to be an inspiring teacher. You will learn the concepts of different teaching styles and student learning processes.

Other subjects taught are assisting and correcting students' order. You need to know how to strategically help students with posture. You will also learn about the many qualities of a yoga teacher.

To become a teacher you need to know how the body works and what body anatomy looks like. The anatomy of yoga includes bones, joints and muscles. You will get an idea of how each muscle is used (what is its action). Additionally, they will study common injuries that occur during typical strength yoga classes.

You will learn how to become a master of breathing yoga (pranayama) and body postures (asanas). Yoga breathing is an art that instructors must master. Each pose has its own entrance and exit, and you can make the pose more effective. The names of the various positions are taught.