At the first two weeks of life, you need to guarantee the calf receives adequate antibodies from the colostrum. Also, you should provide enough energy to keep up the calf's body temperature at the proper level. 

At arrival, dairy calves don't have antibodies against germs and so don't have any immunity whatsoever to calf diseases. The calf can simply receive the required antibodies by ingesting adequate high-quality colostrum as soon as possible after arrival.  If you are looking for best calf additive for health & growth , then you can search the web.

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There are just two more reasons that colostrum is vital. Primarily, calves are born with a minimal energy in contrast to other mammals. 

So calves want an energy increase as soon as possible after arrival. In comparison to regular milk, colostrum includes a double number of energy and solids. 

Second, it contains components — hormones, growth factors, insulin, etc — that trigger the progression of the intestine, and encourage the digestion of milk solids at the first days of existence.

The way to quantify colostrum quality?

To assess colostrum quality, farmers must utilize a BRIX-refractometer. The BRIX-refractometer is an easy, economical, and accurate instrument to find out the degree of milk solids and thus the quality of the colostrum. Every farmer should get one.

Settle for the best colostrum quality

Colostrum is essential for calves. It comprises antibodies and quite a few different substances which are extremely crucial for an optimal beginning. A fast and hygienic supply of colostrum of top quality is so crucial.