If you are just beginning to bowl, it is not likely you will have your ball and you are probably relying on those supplied by the alley. These are called "home balls" and you will lot of these find them hanging on racks close to the lanes.

Female mature bowlers of bowling station nearby should begin with an 11 or 12-pound ball while many mature guys should feel comfy using a 14 or 15 pounder.  

It is extremely important to take some time to carefully choose your chunk. A poor match can be devastating to your scores, however, a suitable match can enhance your results on the lanes.

Both chief things to search for in a home ball are finger holes. Along with these variables, you should carefully inspect the external cover of the ball to find out whether there are any significant scratches or chunks which would influence its roster down the lane.

Most home balls will state their weight directly in their pay, and a few alleys can utilize a color-coded system for different weights. When there's any doubt, do not be afraid to ask the street staff.

Understand these are only general guidelines and your ideal weight will fluctuate based upon your physique and strength. You ought to try out these weights but make sure you adjust if it doesn't feel appropriate.

There's also a very simple test which you could try out to see whether your ball is too thick. Hold the ball in the hands of the bowling hand and stretch your arm.

Put your non-bowling hand under for extra aid, and see whether you're able to comfortably grip the ball for approximately 5 minutes.