Your diver training will most likely begin with a brief introduction to the way the course is going to be organized and then you'll be shown a series of educational DVDs about all the skills you'll be learning through the program.

After each DVD segment, your teacher will then spend some time talking you through everything you've observed, making sure you knew what had been discussed about dive coaching and finish with a short multiple-choice test.

scuba diving training

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All facets of the training has been discussed in the classroom-based work, from the way to kit up, the security drills and processes and a couple of dos and don'ts.

Pool Training

Following the classroom work, you're prepared to advance to the pool job. You'll be awarded for the first time that the equipment you will be diving and taken to a suitable swimming pool to understand how to safely use it.

It's very important you could clean water from your mask whilst still submerged and you'll understand and practice this procedure. As soon as you and your teacher will be happy, you'll then fully remove the mask and then replace and clean it.

Open Water training

Finally, you're ready to take your scuba equipment to the water for actual. The first dive will probably be very shallow and you'll start with practicing a few of those exercises – mask clearing from the sea and so forth.

Following that, your teacher will take you on your very first dive followed closely by logging it then together with the tables to calculate your nitrogen saturation.