In a word, "productivity" is the value proposition of occupational health. But not like the kind where Lucille Ball tries to meet a quota in packing boxes of candy.

Although many wellness "experts" still sees the working world as a candy factory. Productivity growth in the company means that they maintain a culture of innovation that is relevant. Without new products and services, growth is sustainable. If you are looking for more information about workplace wellness then you can check here now.

What is the True Value of Work Wellness?

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Entry barriers have almost disappeared for most industries, so the market is very competitive. If you are building a nuclear submarine, train transport routes, or supertanker, you may have less competition from new, local dry cleaners. In my opinion, work with a healthy culture will increasingly become the credential to distinguish between winners and losers.

Due to the strong demand for skilled people will be there for a long time. In short, good people will work where and how they want to work.

The workplace should be intelligent, passionate, creative people to work for them for a long period. And when he finds these workers, the workplace should have the kind of culture where talented people want to survive.

As you read this, health care, education, law enforcement, military, transportation, energy, agriculture, and technology are all going through the various stages of massive change. The workplace of tomorrow will not even slightly resemble the kind of place where your parents work. The old rules about how workplaces should be organized and managed are fading fast.