If you’re planning to use 651 Vinyl, then you need to have a cutting machine. But, along with it, you need some more tools and equipment such as:

Brushing Tool

A brushing tool can be used to apply the transfer tape to the vinyl and then the vinyl to the surface of the project. This can be used to remove extra vinyl after you cut out your design. You can buy vinyl products via www.thevinylrepository.com/

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Transfer Tape

This is one of the important pieces of equipment which will help you to apply 651 Vinyl.

Use of 651 vinyl

Always remember when you are applying this, make sure that you will apply it on a clean and dry surface. You need to choose an SVG cutting file and then upload it into your cutting machine design software. Don’t forget to cut your design properly, and for this, you can use a craft cutter. You need to position the file properly.

Then cut the design with the help of your cutting machine and weed away the excess vinyl. After that, use the transfer tape in order to remove the vinyl from the backing paper. You need to place the tape on top of the design for burnishing it and then pull it carefully.