Okay, so you think you have a rat in the house. Now after you're completely freaked out, what are you going to do about it? You know you hear little rodent noises, so you have to do something. What is your job?

You have a few options, one, you can call a rodent exterminator, pay someone to come and exterminate your new furry companion. Two, you can catch the rat yourself, you can have more than one so you will have to be prepared.

Now, I'm not sure how I feel about a dead rat in a mousetrap. I have an extremely bloody image in my head. Blood and guts everywhere, not pretty. So I'm thinking I need a more autonomous trap. Something that you can empty easily and clean quickly. You can find the best rodent removal in Los Angeles from https://controlrodent.com/rats-and-rodents/.

So for me, I have to think of a way to get rid of the rats, but humanly. My first option is to find a way to catch the rat and not hire a service. I choose to use an electronic rat trap. The rat trap is electronically powered by batteries. It is a little house that has a door that closes behind the rat when it enters in search of bait. It moves in the box by touching two of the metal plates thus completing a circuit and electricity is dispensed through the rat, killing it quickly and humanely.

Cleaning the rat trap is not complicated. Open the door, unload the rat and continue to reset the trap to catch the next rat. This type of trap only works to catch one rat at a time.

The next option is a live capture. You have the same configuration but without electricity. Your furry visitor comes looking for food and the door closes behind him and holds him until you come and drop him in an area far from your house. This type of trap can be placed for more than one rat at a time. A rule of thumb is to empty the trap at least every 24 hours. If the rats remain in the trap for too long, they become stressed and may die. The objective of this type of trap is to free them alive.