Beautifully serene skyline by the Nile, culture-infused atmosphere of life, noble, remnants of history, the aroma of mint tea and always smiling inhabitants wandering the crowded souk create Cairo, a city of distinct character. Its eternal charm leaves one speechless and lured back time and again. And once you're here it's really hard to resist the eternal splendour sparkling gems. If you are interested in Egyptian artefacts gallery, you can visit to explore the finest art of ancient Egypt.

egyptian artifacts gallery

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Following are the sight of attraction in Egypt that you can't miss:

  • Pyramid of Giza

Denotes to Egypt and one of the main reasons for the high demand for air tickets to Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tourist visits to illuminate a spot on scientific and technological advances of the ancient times and offer the opportunity to watch the best designs of the century-old structure. 

The biggest – The Great Pyramid of Cheops is the main attraction of the place. There Solar Boat Museum nearby where many timber ships are brilliantly preserved and visitors can also feast eyes with renowned sound and light shows.

  • The Egyptian Museum

The main destination for history buffs grab flight tickets to Cairo, Egypt Museum or the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is a very big place to witness. Repository of more than 120,000 artefacts, the legendary spot is the correct place to observe the wonders of ancient Egypt. 

The museum has the Royal Mummy Room containing more than 25 royal mummies and the bodies of pharaohs such as Seti I and his son Ramses II. Tutankhamun's gold funerary mask exhibit gallery is also the main attraction at the museum.

  • Coptic Museum

Located in Old Cairo, Coptic Cairo, Coptic Museum is visited by almost every tourist who won tickets to Cairo. Home to the largest collection of Coptic works of art in the world, an impressive museum grandeur seeps from every nook and cranny. 

Following remarkable architectural artefacts greet visitors and extensive including carved stone, textile, metal, manuscripts, plastering, painting walls and wood leave one amazed. Awesome Coptic textiles, carved ivory and Nubia painting of Lake Nassar life are one of the main attractions of the museum.

  • Museum of Islamic Art

Located in 5 minutes walk from the south gate of the city Fatimid, Chapter Zuweila and one of the best museums in the city, the Islamic Art Museum offers a fine collection of works of Islamic art covers the period from the Fatimid, Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman. Carpets, cement, Quran manuscripts, calligraphy, mosque lamps, wood, intarsia, metal and textiles are one of the museum's main exhibition.

  • The Citadel, Cairo

The vast complex of The Citadel is like a treasure trove of interesting museums, palaces and mosques heavenly amazing. Mohammed Ali Mosque, Police Museum, Mosque of Sultan Al-Nasir, Al-Gawhara (Jewel) Palace, Carriage Museum, Archaeological Museum, Military Museum, Mosque of Suleyman Pasha and Bab el-Azab is one of the popular attractions of the site.