The ghost story involves some unresolved conflict within the household and trying to resolve them in order to find peace. Generally, the ghost is believed to be the soul or spirit of the people who have lived on earth and now no longer exist.

Ghost stories aren't always related to murder, tragic death or another violent demise. As a premise in literature, you will find many different ideas and uses for the ghost story.  You may know the the top ghost stories via .

 ghost stories

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In a narrative the ghost could be trying to lead or guide the protagonist to the right path, helping them resolve a conflict or discover the truth. In some tales, the ghost may not be a presence in the characters' lives but rather a noticeable lack.

Though the scarier ghost stories may be too frightening for younger kids, ghost stories or suspenseful tales are a great way to share this period honored Halloween heritage with kids.

Most adults telling a ghost story is exciting, but seeing the site of the actual story is even more exciting. Many ghost tales are associated with a real physical site. That location, make it a home or a building, is then believed to be haunted.

All around the United States and Europe, you will find many haunted mansions and castles. Oftentimes, these houses are open to the public and provide tours, rich in culture and history. Some of the personal homes are only open seasonally or to specialist historians, writers, and ghost hunters.