Equality and Diversity Education aims to promote equality and mutual respect between groups of people regardless of gender, race or religious beliefs. This training is mostly offered by employers or trade unions, but can also be offered by various other groups, organizations and committees.

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The aim of this training is to help students understand how their words, actions and behavior can affect other people in their workplace or organization. The aim of this training is to involve all members of their respective communities in their efforts.

Definitive equality is the equal treatment of all members of the workforce or society. Diversity is very important in both the public and private sectors, but it includes the principle of providing and empowering all individuals in a sector or community.

Reasons for attending training can range from concerns about discriminatory behavior to increasing a company's ability to reach previously inaccessible market segments.

Equality and Diversity Education encourages people to consider and respect all points of view, and promotes respect and tolerance through education and understanding. This includes a better understanding and respect for different cultures, which is very useful for organizations and companies that are associated with overseas clients.

Diversity education programs specifically designed to educate people about certain aspects of a particular culture can help them avoid unintentional neglect of overseas customers through ignorance of cultural etiquette.