On this page, the test form for your DivX decks by Bbdoc and his team

Follow his progress here

First screenshot of the form in The life of the project Posted on Monday, June 12, 2011by PixiesII As you already know, the form is done (a little) wait. We mentioned the reasons here . But it does exist. Until now, it was difficult to present it in image, its graphic form evolving constantly. Consult the themes

[The form] [The sub-projects] News of the form in The life of the project Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2010 by PixiesII Every day new testers express their interest by downloading the CD of Test, and speaking on our Forums . What was only a project a few months ago has become a reality. It is of course still missing an essential element, which will mark the culmination of the efforts that have been made by the whole team: the form! Why is not he here yet? First test results recorded in Project life Posted on Tuesday June 23th, 2011 by Stéphane , PixiesII

While waiting for the result form to be available, you will find on a topic of our forum a first summary of tested readers and a first ranking. This will be updated regularly.