Web crawling scraping, also called web, screen scraping, web data extraction is a familiar term to most people, especially in this scan of an era dominated by data. Web scraping is essentially a technique based on the computer to access the web through a web browser or to obtain data.

With the help of web scraping software, you can automate the process of extracting data efficiently, regardless of the data size, and can save the tedious manual work "copy and paste".What can scrape web do? It is widely applied in many aspects of our lives, especially the Internet functionality. Get more info of the web scraping.

Let's take Google as an example. Google uses Web scraping to build a database search, and most sites will give Google permission to scratch their highest ranking sites in search results.

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Here are some other use cases in various sectors: E-commerce -Retailers using web scraping to automate the process of monitoring the prices of their competitors, the profiles of construction products and collect customer feedback for sentiment analysis. Advertising Marketing -New ideas are important for content marketing.

Web scraping is used to collect data from different sites, such as social media sites, and data can help generate ideas to create fresh and interesting content. housing -Many real estate companies erode the list of properties of different sites to collect aggregate data.