Web Design is a critical part of building your online business. Choosing how you will build a website is just as important as building it. And, if you're business plans call for the development of multiple websites, then the way in which you complete the task becomes even more important.

Most often, if you want to have a professionally designed website custom built to your needs and specifications, you need to be prepared to shell out some serious money. But, if you desire to build a website or a number of sites with relatively simple designs and common elements, then it's entirely possible that a website design software will be more than sufficient for your needs. 

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Well, unless you have some very unique requirements for the development of your site, it really shouldn't cost very much to have one designed. And, with all of the ready-made templates and such, it just doesn't make sense to spend a great deal of money for a design firm, unless as stated earlier, you're site is unique or has specific requirements of some kind.

So, rather than hiring a web design company, it may be much smarter to hire a freelance web designer who doesn't have the overhead of a large company and so will be more affordable. In addition, a freelance designer will still have the professional skills of designers from larger companies. But an even better choice may be to find a web design software that will help you to do the job yourself.