There are some roles playing games where you play with the help of miniatures on any series of maps. These games are built around a series of skirmishes that take place in a given location. The game setup pits two players against each other, each controlling one side of a warring army.

They fight the battle out in the mapped location and whichever player wins the battle will win the game. The game itself has become rather popular, with sales growing into the millions. You can also purchase miniature wargames online via

It is actually the second-highest selling product of the company that manufactures the game. The skirmish works well for two players who are looking for just a quick game without having to get involved in the entire world of dungeons and dragons.

A Dungeon Master is not needed for a miniatures skirmish game, meaning that gameplay can continue much faster than a traditional D&D game. The traditional battle rules have been simplified, allowing players to accomplish more in one turn than they ever could before.

The game takes place on any number of boards or maps which are made of tiles, which represent a five square foot area. The starter set will usually include a basic map allowing for gameplay, but any number of locations can be purchased in fantastic location expansion books. These books will set out a new type of adventure book.