There are various kinds of approaches for remittance to India. The popular and trusted ways by which individuals overseas send money to India comprise:

Wire Transfer: By this system, it is possible to send cash in just two days. The existence of banking codes and routing codes within this technique makes it stable bank remittance .

Money Orders:

These money orders are supplied by the banks, by which you may send cash to your nearest and dearest in India. It is simple to purchase one from the neighborhood lender and send it through email. This is a safe system to send cash, but it requires some time.

Foreign Currency Cheques:

This is the easiest procedure for remittance into India. You merely need to write a cheque and send it to the receiver. The receiver can cash it out of his or her bank. On the other hand, the entire process may take over 20 days. It is possible to send the cheque through overnight courier solutions to decrease the period of time.

Foreign Currency Drafts:

This system is comparable to sending a bank draft. This is normally favored by businessmen. It's a time consuming but secure method. On a typical, foreign currency money drafts take approximately 20 days to achieve.

Remittance Source:

This is a just like debit card. It is possible to purchase a card on behalf of the receiver. The receiver or the relative can utilize such an ATM card and purchasing card. All you need to do would be to recharge it frequently. It's the least time consuming way of money remittance to India.

Immediate Deposit:

This way is very good for people who need to send cash on a regular basis. Inside this technique, you let a Indian bank to draw cash from the overseas exchange accounts. The receiver could collect that money in the lender.