Thumb sucking is a very normal process that most of all infants through. Thumb sucking can be regarded as quite normal until the age of two to two and a half years. If the habit continues after this age period than it may prove to cause infection and also prove to be an embarrassment for the elderly in public.

Thumb-sucking has been found to be an act which showed that the baby is hungry or sleepy. This habit seems to vanish with time in most cases so it is better to let the baby get rid of the habit by them. You can get to know more about thumb sucking guard via

Many parents worry that this habit can cause dental disorders. This is possible but only if the baby is too used to sucking his thumbs or thumbs sucking even after the teeth come. Until and if there is no need to worry, sucking his thumb showed that normal babies. Thumb sucking can sometimes cause dental problems such as tooth can be pushed outwards.

Dental problems caused by this than can be cured with the help of orthodontic treatment alone. The baby may develop speech and lisping pronunciation problems if thumb sucking continues for long periods of time. Parents try to eliminate this practice by applying some foul-smelling substance is more practical but practically it has no effect.

Medical graded plastic available today to stop the baby from the thumb. One might be surprised to know that some babies even start sucking their thumb or finger even before birth in their mother's womb.