In every country around the world, pension scheme provides a strong pillar for both the security and stability needed by each individual in their old age.

In Australia, a pension program known as Superannuation and made popular by the "pension" was introduced by the Keating Labor during the reign of the Australian government. Superannuation is a fund toward which employees and employers contribute a certain amount of money at regular intervals.

Although compulsory for employers to make contributions to this fund (not less than 9% of the income of their employees, with commissions, bonuses, etc. included), it is a matter of voluntary for the employee to do so. You can easily get a reliable smsf auditor in Mount Waverley.

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When this fund was originally introduced, it was set at a rate of 3% but with time it has registered a gradual increase. A lump sum of the whole is released to employees when he reaches a certain age.

Self-managed super funds, on the other hand, is a pension fund established by the faction consists of five members who double as trustee of the fund. Self-managed super funds regulated by the Australian Tax Office which has been made mandatory for every member to become a trustee of the fund.

At the time of the fund company profits trustee, member of the fund will change to a director of a corporate trustee highly. The pension system does not allow members to be an employee of another member.

If there ever arise any employer/employee relationship between two members or more, then the funds will no longer be considered as a pension fund.