When you clone a marijuana plant, you retain all the characteristics of the parent plant. If done correctly, you can continue to use the genotype of the plant, which is characterized by the traits you want.

However, since it is an exact copy of the mother, any illness or problem will pass down from the clone as well. Therefore, you should always try to get clones of healthy parent plants.

Which branch is best for cannabis clones?

If you are taking marijuana branches from the mother plant, give preference to cuttings that come from the lower branches.

The branches from the lower part of the plant contain a higher level of hormones which are responsible for root formation. To get marijuana clones you can also opt for Oakland clones for sale at https://mendobros.com/oakland/.

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This factor can be of benefit to those using the SCROG cultivation method where any small growth is removed.

If necessary, cuttings from the top of the plant can still be used as clones, but their survival rate is reduced and does not grow rapidly.

One of the drawbacks of picking up clones from higher plants is that if the plants aren't dedicated brooders, you'll be cutting back on some of their higher quality yields – while pulling out lower branches will only cost a few popcorn-sized shoots.