Depression is a disease that can range from mild to severe to life threatening. If you think you are depressed or have depressive symptoms, contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

The government has approved a clinical trial of psilocybin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, to see if it is effective in treating depression. The substance is assigned "breakthrough therapy" status twice a year. You may buy microdose online via

Because it is so difficult to study street drugs that fall under the name limits of controlled substances, the status of "breakthrough therapy" could completely change the way drugs are treated in the medical community.

Psychedelic mushrooms are currently a List III controlled substance, which means, with a few exceptions, they are illegal and have a low to moderate potential for abuse. First, researchers have a lot of bureaucracy to get permission to investigate illegal street drugs.

After they passed all levels of research approval, it became difficult to prepare drugs for trials as they were not normally allowed to belong to anyone.

Obtaining the label "breakthrough therapy" is an important step in learning more about the therapeutic potential and potential risks of a substance. If study results show little or no risk benefit, they could capture more research and potentially become part of a medical treatment plan.

Only two doses of psilocybin reduced depressive symptoms and their effects persisted for at least 3 months after treatment (depression was not assessed in the test arm thereafter).

Cancer patients who received high doses of psilocybin showed a significant reduction in symptoms of depression and anxiety, which continued for six months of follow-up. This is a promise to improve the quality of life for people who have had cancer treatment.