Decorations with outdoor lighting can add some zest to Christmas decorations. Many people concentrate on decorating the interior of their houses or apartments. Yet another group enjoys spreading those decorations outside. For them, the sky is the limit when it comes to outdoor Christmas decorations.

When you drive through existing homes that have exterior decorations, you will notice that these decorations fall into four main categories. If you are looking for a Commercial Lighting visit Twilight Solutions.

  • Traditional decorations with outdoor lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Specialized lighting

  • Other lighted outdoor decorations or lawn art
  • Traditional outdoor lighting decorations

These quick and easy decorations don't require much effort. Just follow these simple instructions and you too will have an eye-catching display. Test each string for work lights by plugging them into a live electrical outlet. Replace burned-out bulbs.

If you are outlining the roof of your house or garage with lights, be sure to use a sturdy ladder on a level base. Use an assistant to stabilize the ladder if necessary.

  • Dust off last year's box of outdoor holiday lights. These could be the large C6, C7, or C9 bulbs with screw bases.
  • Other traditional lights include icicle lights and mini lights.
  • Inspect each string of lights for broken or frayed wires. If you discover any, discard them and get new threads. Do not try to repair them.
  • Make sure lights are installed away from combustible materials.
  • Plug the lights into an outdoor receptacle or an approved all-weather extension cord.
  • With traditional outdoor lighting decorations, sit back and enjoy. Relax, you are done!