When Life gets in your face and it seems like there is nowhere to turn for relief, what can you do to help yourself? While it might seem there is nothing to be done that can help, there is a secret technique that can turn your life around.

Even when things have hit a legal snag and are in the punishment phase, things can change for the better. Illnesses can be cured, love can be found, jobs can be saved, and happiness can abound. You can also browse this website to know how to change your life.

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You just have to be willing to go through whatever it's going to take to shake you loose from the pattern that has been holding you back. That could mean that you get incarcerated, the illness turns serious, divorce happens and the job disappears, sometimes all of that at once.

Every time the butterflies take flight in your stomach, every time the black thoughts of despair ooze through your brain, and indeed every time even the slightest thought of what could go wrong comes through your awareness, repeat the mantra.

Keep repeating it until you feel silly enough to crack a smile. Look up while you are saying it (it's scientifically proven that one cannot be depressed when looking up).

All you have to do is keep repeating the mantra and refusing to look into the darkness of your fears and you will automatically burn new neural pathways in your brain. Those pathways will lead you to success-sometimes in less than 24 hours. Keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities during these times and be willing to accept that something may come along that you had never considered before.