The term 'Research Chemical' is becoming one of the hottest keywords across the internet. Originally gaining popularity via chemicals such as 2-Fluoroamphetamine, Methylone Crystals, furanyl fentanyl, cl PVP, 4-CEC Crystals, and an entire slew of other powders and pills. 

It is no surprise that the number of websites selling these chemicals has tripled over the last 1-2 weeks. You can find the high-quality 4-CEC Crystal via the web.

Royal Research Group

This guide is going to provide you with the guidelines on how to prevent losing your hard-earned money, receiving products that are imitation, and to keep yourself out of harm's way. 

1. Check Safe or Scam: This would always be your first port of call when searching for a seller that is new. Customer reviews (both good and bad), a numerical rating system, and also an invite-only member base make it a wonderful place to weed out the bottom feeders.

2. Contact the Website: Nowadays, many websites are providing a telephone number along with the email variant, you shouldn't be afraid to get connected with them.

3. Check the product Information: We live in an era where amounts of information is at our hands. Lookup the chemical name (often known as the ‘IUPAC') of your intended purchase, does it match what the owner has on their site?

Go through their product descriptions carefully, could be the purity of the chemical? If at all possible try to discover how they're saving it and just how long purchased the stock, things such as Metholone degrade easily if not stored properly.