The kitchen faucet is a valve that can be used to control the discharge of water. The faucet has been a major design element in kitchen design since monument times. There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a crane, such as:


There are two main lever options you can take advantage of: single and dual levers. The single lever mixer rotates in one direction, giving you the ability to adjust the flow of water as you move up and down. The handle can also be used to control the temperature by moving to the side. You can also look for stainless kitchen faucet online.

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The installation options depend on your installation scenario and design scheme. You can mount a crane in two ways: on the deck and on the wall. The wall fixtures are installed in a two-hole configuration, one for cold water and the other for hot water.


Kitchen equipment is available in various designs. The main ones are: nickel, polished brass, chrome, oil bronze and stainless steel. The different layers really determine the price of the crane.

Spout height

The taps have different outlet heights. For example, some have a straight and short muzzle, while others have a very tall and long muzzle. There are others that have a pullout spout that is ideal for washing large or uncomfortable dishes. All you have to do is select the correct height for your application.