Application Performance Management (APM) is a complete business transaction service solution that enables organizations to monitor their critical applications. You can get in touch with professionals for application dependency mapping via

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It offers the best end-user experience in terms of application performance and response times, both internally and externally. Without monitoring application effectiveness, the system will remain inactive and affect business efficiency. 

We know that managing application performance is a complex activity that requires a thorough understanding of the various application layers and data access platforms, as well as application development best practices. 

Many vendors have developed solutions that combine the best industry tools with an in-depth understanding of infrastructure. They ensure customers can achieve operational efficiency and business performance goals without the hassle of implementing, improving after analysis, and monitoring and managing their application infrastructure on a regular basis.

User Experience Management:- Multi-perspective user experience management and monitoring the performance of business transactions by fixing response time issues and measuring user interaction data:-

Synthetic custom recording and playback

Real monitoring of user efficiency

Capture and play real user sessions

Business Data Mart Analysis

Application server monitoring and diagnostics

Prevent user issues and SLA violations by simplifying administration:-

Application server monitoring

Component level monitoring

Transaction tracking

Web server monitoring

Monitor message queues

Database monitoring and management