In India, sweets have their own significance and relevance. Long hours of preparation, a lot of interesting ingredients, the associated labor, etc. make delicious, brightening spirits. Indian sweets are different to some extent.  Any good news is incomplete without offering sweets.

In each ritual, festival or occasion of India, it is necessary to make sweet as part of the food. Sweets in India thus, signify, happiness, prosperity and affection. Click here now  to know more about Indian sweets.


The sweets are always stored at home. These are offered to guests and are eaten after lunch and dinner in many Indian homes. There are countless varieties of traditional sweets. And undoubtedly, traditional sweets are just like this little greedy sweet tooth in us. The sweets, especially Besan ladoo, dhoda kaju, barfi dal, atta ladoo, etc. are just relaxing to the senses. 

Snacks are essential to one's eating habit because it helps to regulate your appetite and prevent overeating unhealthy foods. Strategically Vegetarian chaat snacks between meals help in controlling hunger and regulate your metabolism in addition to keeps a sharp and focused mind.

Chaat vegetarian snacks have always been a part of the menu in the culture of Indian cuisine. Samosas, pakoras paneer, paneer cutlets, moth dal, kaju mix masala peanut, including Chaat as BHEL puri, pani puri, papri Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, etc. are inexpensive and healthy, you can give a break to your appetite!