Did you know that hostels are a perfect place for travelers, students, bachelors to crash on vacation? There are all kinds of people you'll meet at a backpacker hostel and here are a few kinds that you are sure to meet.

  1. Hippies –This group of people who've come solely with the purpose to chill and enjoy the surroundings whilst simply singing, dancing and having the time of their lives. 
  2. Students –Students come here because hostels are super cheap and affordable all year round and provide a comfortable stay. If you're in a group you can get a whole room for the group. 
  3. Settlers – Foreigners who leave their countries for half the year because of extreme weather conditions and come to tropical places to chill prefer to stay at hostels.  
  4. Bachelors – You get a chance to meet single people and if you are charming enough, you will no longer single. 
  5. Party Animals – They won't let you play loud- blasting music at a hotel, well it's all cool in a hostel cause that's the vibe. 

But irrespective of the people you meet at a hostel, it's a very welcoming place to be in and everyone must stay at a backpacker hostel at least once in their life. There are many such places you will find in Canggu, Bali. Look for a good Canggu hostel and enjoy the amazing people you’ll meet there.