Your website is your storefront when you decide to start an online gift basket business. In order to present your products attractively, project your positive image, and entice customers to order, you need to plan your website layout carefully and think about every aspect of your online gift basket. You can also buy best online gifts in Australia via

Do you want to design all of your baskets yourself, create mock-ups, and take photos of them to place on your website? Or are you looking to sell ready-made baskets that you can buy at wholesale gift baskets?

If you are creative and like to arrange baskets, you may want to design your own. A selection of 15 to 25 baskets is sufficient to start your web based business.

Make sure you have plenty of options suitable for every occasion such as candy baskets, movie baskets, gourmet baskets, and organic food baskets, plus an assortment of themed baskets that some customers like such as chefs baskets or themed golf baskets take a good basket, themed fishing baskets and much more.


Make sure you set up a neutral background to put your basket in front. Don't use the cello for painting, as reflections and lack of product visibility will prevent the basket from displaying properly.

Remember, you can reuse products from baskets to make fake baskets for your photos. Once you have 15-25 photos, format them and touch them on your computer for optimal attractiveness