As many of you know, gemstones have been used since prehistoric times, not only as body ornamentation but for the powers they were believed to hold. Since gemstones are simply rocks or minerals taken from the earth, they did not have the glitter, shine, and sophistication that they've become today.

Consequently, the early people were more concerned with their healing and other powers than their beauty. People believed, the rarer the gemstone is, the more valued it was to the owner. You can also purchase gemstones online via santacruzbetterbody.

In other words, they are more valuable. This is true in modern times as well. This is true in modern times as well. It's surprising that, although the gem stone's beauty plays a significant role, it's the gem's rarity that collectors crave.

The ancients were more to do with myths and beliefs surrounding the various types of rough gemstones they found. Even a simple river stones thought to hold special powers. The main use of gemstones is for healing and spiritual rituals.

Kings and queens wore them to attract certain cosmic energies that would help them to rule their kingdoms. While there seems to be limited evidence that certain precious gemstones do exhibit certain power and promote physical healing in the body and emotions, these facts elude modern scientists.