Simply gearbox can be defined as the part of the car that produces speed and torque when driving the car at different gears that are shifted according to the car's speed.

Here, one point that needs to be known about the gear transmission system is that there are many people who assume that the issue in the gearbox occurs only in cars with manual gear transmission function and not in automatic transmission system cars.

You can also take the help of professionals who specialise in repairs & exchange differentials & gearboxes on most makes & models and light commercials.

 If you still have the same thought then you are on the verge of making a major mistake, because even in cars with automatic gear transmission feature this problem will occur.

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Now moving towards the symptoms which indicate the problem in the gearbox system, the following are some of the common indications:

  • Unusual crunching sounds while changing the gears,
  • Slipping of gears,
  • Stiffing of gears.

What to do, if you notice a problem in the gearbox :

While taking your car directly to either of the mechanics is the best way, but there is still some confidence that you can do at your end.

Seek to know about the workings of the gearbox system if you own a car with a manual gear transmission system or an automatic transmission system, this will help you understand the mechanic's problems more clearly.

This will also give you peace of mind that the mechanic who cares for your car does the necessary repairs and replaces the gearbox as needed.