Wheat straw is the remaining stalk after the wheat is picked. This is traditionally treated as waste. In some countries, farmers burn them, which causes air pollution and endangers public health.

But this leftover still has value. This sustainable material gets back and uses it to make sustainable wheat straw solutions. To get more information about sustainable straws visit https://bluemarche.com.

sustainable straws

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The reason for using it?

Everybody understands that forests around the world are at risk and endangered. Therefore, it is necessary to find alternative materials that do not require ancient forests. With wheat straw you can continue to use high-quality "disposable" paper items.

But find that you are choosing something made from renewable, quickly reclaimed wheat straw instead of trees. Also, at the end of your life, you can send your shells to an industrial protection facility, not to landfills.

What's cool about that?

By using eco friendly wheat straw for your product, you remove material from the waste stream and use regeneration shipping to create lightweight, durable, compostable packaging.

Wheat straw production service can also be located near the wheat area to reduce transporting out of the supply chain. Wheat straw is a useful, fibrous addition to compost which can often aid in the composting process as well.